Chirstmas day is one of the most loving occasions in a year to bring happiness, luck and make best wishes come true. On such a great Christmas season, people often prepare very well for the meaningful day with a lot of cute symbols to decorate their houses, offices and even roads. So today, we are going to introduce to you the best Christmas decorations so that you can make the day colourful and attrative.

There has a number of creative decorating items and often 10 most common ones are mentioned as follows.

  1. Number 1 is the Noel Pine tree

Date back to hundreds of years when people started to popularize Christmas day, the Pine tree was a symbol of the day as it was the tree of temporary life of Jesus’. We do not need a real pine tree for decorating our houses but an artifical one also stimulate your decorating spirit. Nowadays, there are different colours of pine tree for you to choose such as green, red, white and yellow and also different sizes from small to big. They have been used popularly for many Christmas seasons. The pine’s strength is that it can be used not only once but also several times – several Christmas occations due to its durability, long beuty with a condition that you must keep it safe and look an eye on it more.

  1. Number 2 is Christmas Pillow

Christmas pillow is embroided carefully and delicately. We can make the house, the room more appealing with Noel pillows coloured red, green, white and embroided with images of reindeers, snowmen, Santa Claus or fresh snowflakes. These pillows are suitable to be put in the sofa in the living room or in the bedroom. They bring us the feeling of warm heart, love and peace in such great moment. On these days, if your guess come to your house, they are sure to love the pillows and will embrace them all the time.

  1. Number 3 is Noel stocks.

Stocks are in favour of by children. Children always hope to receive gifts from the stocks which are hung at the headboard or in a tree or everywhere visible in their rooms. Colourful stocks have a sharp abitity to turn the feeling into cheerful. Especially in Western life, unique stocks are hung long and around the corner of the fireplace. However, in Asia, we can hang all stocks at the blank of walls or in front of your door depending on your ideas.

  1. Rugs for Christmas trees

These rugs or floor coverings with various colours to place gift boxxes and Christmas tree decorations on. The rugs are made of lots of materials and can be washed by wasing machine when necessary. The rugs help your rooms or houses look more beautiful and luxurious.

  1. Noel gift boxxes

Lovely boxxes with small ties are decorated together with Noel trees or your rooms’ corners. You can make boxxes from hard papers by yourselves and then wrap them with wrapping papers even buy them outside to diversify box types. Everyone loves to get a present so it is more impressive and surprising to give your guests interesting presents when they come to your houses on Chistmas.

  1. Noel globes

Usually, these globes are metalized to be twinke when they meet the light of the day. They are familiar decorations and can not be omitted on this special occasion. It’s up to you to select the globe sizes and colours to hang around the pine trees or put on the table as long as it suits your space. The globes are more glitter in the evening and at night when combined with a set of blinkers. Your house will look like a paplace. Furthermore, jingle bells are popular like Noel globes to hang around the pine trees. These bells remind people of our memories about old Christmas seasons with a picture of white snow covering all things, kids’ voice and the sound “ leng – keng “ of the bells. So people really love them.

  1. Candles for Christmas nights

Candles are of significance in creating the warm air in your family on Christmas. There has a number of candle types to choose for example: sphere candles, long candles, cup candles or some stylized types as pineal shapes and snowflakes with eye catching colours and designs.

  1. Garlands

Garlands on Christmas day symbolizes victory and if you get a garland, it means that you have the feeling of victory – the greatest mood of a person. So it’s very kind to give your friends these garlands. Besides the green garlands, we have red, white and yellow ones to create something new on this season.

  1. Stars hung on Noel trees

Your pine trees will be not perfect without no stars or snowflakes. Stars are often hung at the top of the trees so look unique and attactive. They are made of metal that is able to catch light. They sparkle the pine trees because of catching the light form the foot to the top of the trees.

  1. Bright rolling wire

These bright rolling wires make your house space warmer during the cold winter night. If you prefer flash wires, you can use flashing effects. The wires turn your house into the place to hold a party by night.

In addition, green leaves and dried are also used to decorate the house on Christmas. They are simple but can impress your Noel atmosphere.

After all, when you gather all of those decorations, it is so easy for you to feel free to make up your house – make it impressive and wait for your Christmas joys. These days, people often come in group to chat, eat and give gifts to each others, therefore, it is essential to create real Noel space not only your house but also every office, restaurant, park or super centres…. To support decorating, you can choose some or all decorations above and have fun with them.



On Christmas, everyone thinks of the Christmas tree – the Pine tree. Why? As it is the symbol of a loving and peaceful season. Before the Christmas about 2 weeks, people are eager to prepare decorations for their houses and the first one they look for is a pine tree regardless of a real tree or an artificial tree. So, what is the reason why pine tree is so impressive deeply in their mind? We are going to find out pine tree’s origin its special meaning.


It is said that Christmas comes first and then the pine tree is chosen to be the symbol. But it appears , in reality, before Chistianity and does not have connection with any religions.

On the shortest day of December, the Great Greece often brought home palm leaves as an emblem of victory of our life against the death. To celebrate and devote to the Roman God, they spent these palm leaves decorating their houses on the winter holidays Saturnaly. That’s why, date back to thounsands of years, the green of the leaves and early chits were regarded as the symbol of living life. In cold winter when all trees turned fading but the pine tree wes more stronger so it was called resurrection tree. On winter day, people decorated the pine tree with fruits, flowers and wheat.

The pine tree was first known as the Christmas tree in Germany. As the fairy tail goes, at the end of VII century, the God Boniface tried to persuade the hermits that the oak tree was not the god tree. When you cut the oak tree, it fell and could crushed everything under its path down except for a small pine tree. Since then, the pine tree has been a meaningful tree of Jesus. Therefore, on Noel occasion, German grew a pine tree as a tradition feature. After that, other countries often used bigger pine trees especially in American, it was more favoured to grow a pine tree higher than the ceiling.

In medieval, pine tree was known as the paradise tree and a symbol of Adam – Eve festival on 24 December. This explained why people put a star on apple trees to stand for the love of the 2 people. Until the century XIV, people put a white star called Bthlehem star at the top of the pine tree – the brightening star in the sky when Jesus was born and it showed the direction for three gods Gaspard, Melchior and Balthrsar to meet Jesus.

Nowadays, there are a number of stories about pine tree’s origin on Christmas day. The pine tree has become the emblem of Christmas as well as the immortal Jesus due to its immortal green.

At present, people have a lot of creative idea for artificial pine tree. Each country in the world has distinguished decorations. They hang in the tree candy, gifts and their wishes, belief that the paradise tree will help to make their wishes come true. Therefore, Catholics are very serious about decorating the pine tree.

Decorating the pine trees

Regardless of restriction of knowledge about pine trees, people still consider the pine tree to be the most important on Christmas day and also think of many ideas to decorate it. Here are some creative attractive designs

  • Wooden pine tree

You can use dried branches then paint them white and punch holes in the middle of each branch. Put them together on an axis cross – type as a tree shape. Combining with shells, seashells or starfish is very interesting. After decorating your tree, you can hang it in your room, stick it to the wall or make it a present to give to your friends.

  • Sphere trees

By hanging spheres with wires up to down and organize them like a tree, you will make your house more sophisticated.

  • Paper trees

Cut papers into a lot of pieces different in length then rolling them, use glue to stick them together to shape tubulars, then make a triangle and stick the tree to bigger white paper. At the top of the paper tree a star or buttons in different positions to make the tree more beautiful.

  • Food tree

Food trees are made of straw berries with chocolate and sticked to an axis lined with stencils. There is a star on top of the food tree. It is made of chocolate. Besides, there’s also trees made of broccoli, cauliflower, tomato and pepper which look eye catching and colourful. Finally, you can create impressive one for your own up to your ideas.

Another Christmas season is coming in boisterous sound of church bells, hyms, images of reindeers and Christmas trees decorated brightly. After getting to know about the origin and meaning of the pine tree, you will have more significant Noel days with your family and friends.



Beautiful house design s are now more favoured in our life especially western style is the most popular not only in western countries but also in almost all regions throughout the world. So, what is a house model according to western architect’s concept?

Our society is developing rapidly in order to integrate into the general economy of the world, including both physical and mental life. It is expressed through living space, not just a normal design but the great demand for beautiful, convenient and modern samples. Nowadays, modern design trend is becoming crucial in the world especially for the youth who are very active and in favour of new creative space. In addition, this style is easy to be accepted because of its reasonable trend for aesthetics and convenience.

Due to constant changes in people’s demand for living style, all designs are born to meet their requirement, therefore forms design demand and development. Through multi media such as internet, books, magazines… people get more useful information to unlimit their perception about beauty. In stead, they are more satisfied with present suitable designs. We can easily realize some design rules as follows.

Rules of designing

  1. Architectural shapes

All components related to the basic architecture are quite simple such as lines, arrays and blocks to create its own interior spaces. There are not many cumbersome patterns and details, in stead, they are arranged together harmoniously.

  1. Colours

Design with neutral colours is typical style. It has a neutral – coloured background added some darker blocks. Bright colours especially white are used quite lot. Besides, colour red is also used to paint the background which indicates a stylish room. For modern style, spaces often have impressive point and usually the trendy point is its colour.

  1. Furniture arranging

If you choose a modern design for your house, its furniture in each room is arranged limitatively to create large living space without short of facilities.

  1. Light

We can not ignore the light requirement in a modern – designed room. It should be paid more attention to for example the indirect light, decorative light to highlight rooms’ items.

  1. Decorative plants and flowers

A modern space arranged large and simple with flowers looks more romantic. You can put them into modern vase to show its modern beauty.

Or you can create a focal point by placing art sculptures such as statues, souvenirs on the column or base together with lighting professionally decorations. Furthermore, you also need to use repetition of lines, colours and shapes of decorative details.

Simple classic wooden frames are famous, too. Hanging these frames together in group like a big picture will exend your room’s width.

Furniture design

In Western life, house design does not only include the structure but also its furniture design. Nowadays, there have 12 common furniture design trends that are very popular.

  • Bold colours
  • Bold textures
  • Rotating tables
  • Plant blocks
  • Marble shapes
  • Coloured walls
  • Triangle mosaic boxes
  • Tangier coasters
  • Flower quad
  • Two – Tone Teak chairs
  • Pilsen Paprika Filing Cabinets
  • Crate & Barrel Yellow chairs
  • Modern pink sofa

Inside the house

Inside the house, one more outstanding design is expanding space with a mezzanine. A mezzanine is an added function besides living area to create more beautiful views and increase the flow of air into the interior of your house. Its functions are quite diverse. You can build split – level and use it as small living space such as placing a bed, a bedroom or dining room …. Thanks to this unique location, a mezzanine has beautiful view down to below space. Also, due to the transparent and open natural charateristics, you should ensure your house’s harmony with its area, space, interior of mezzanine in particular and of the house in general.

Outside the house

Outside the house, it is appreciative to build a green garden to be more friendly to our nature and environment. There are 3 garden style which can give you comfortable feeling at home.

  • Natural garden

Growing weeds makes the garden wildlife right in your house yard. You just need a small piece of land to grow grass or some small trees. In your free time, you can take care of them, just water and trim them gradually.

  • Water garden

Water brings you freshness, prosperity for your living space. However, quiet lake is the place to accumulate negative energy. So, you need some stones, according to Feng Shui experts, to bring positive power.


  • Stone garden

This type uses mostly natural stones combined with vines, weeds and a few bamboo thickets. We just put a stone layer on the yard surface and arrange some bigger ones higher like a bonsai. It is very easy to execute and has low cost especially suitable with your house design.

That’s all about the full view of an appealing house design belonging to western style. Just mix some of each part together, you have a satisfying sample of your own. So its your time to find your modern one.…



Each region has its own style in house design. While the East style is ancient and homey, that in the West is modern, complicated and getting more and more crucial all round the world. Likewise, different countries in the West have distinguished featured, noteworthy are style in England, France and America back to the past.

After World War I, house design was first paid much attention to because of serious destruction. In France, 36 thousand houses were destroyed, 1.3 million ones broke down and in damaged condition. In England there was a short of 500 thousand apartments and in New York, America, 1.5 million ones needed repairing. House condition caused by world war as well as the poor villagers led to the alarm of solving housing crisis. After that, until 1923, the economy changed with stability, architectura design, construction supervision and house building were noted.

In England

In the early stage of capitalistic modern architecture history, designing houses in Enland were of most developing. There were 2 main types at the end of century XVII as follows.

  1. Houses had rectangular premises, lobbies and stairs. Rooms surrounded the house. They are built of bricks, tiled with marble at the door and every corner.
  1. House had E or H shape premises. This style still belonged to classic reveival style of Roman renaissance.

At that time, England ranked first in the number and scale of architectural design, construction supervision and building beautiful houses. To meet the demand of industrial development, there appeared brand new house design samples for example building house next to house long like a street or sometimes ten or hundreds of houses standing in a group. The most typical form of architectural design, construction supervision was located in Rigien street in London. There was a house series with corridors running along the road, building consensus scene of the city.

Until the second half of the nineteenth century, neo – romantic tendency showed up. A sociologist, Viliam Morin has gathered a number of well – known architects such as Pilip Vep, Risot Noocman and Voixay to initiated the movement “ art and technology” . The neo – romantic suddenly became famous and could diminish the absolute dominance of the rigid academy.

In France

In modern architecture, residential design had remarkable changes in building the house following the requirement on using and urban planning. House design was arranged in squares then organized parallel. At the same time, infill building with public works began to develop and achieve positive attention. The house in Phorangcolanh road, Paris was built in 1903 an designed by architect Pere Oguyxto with the feature created using concrete frame to form a free premise.

In America

At the beginning of century XX, in America, prairie style of Rait developed rapidly including architectural design and construction supervision. The content was about modern stage, combined architecture with nature ( that was vast prairies in the West of America ) and it was regared as an architecturas master about all space layout, furniture and textures ).

In addion, houses in Tuyrank street, Bruychxen, Belgium built in 1903, designed by architect Odcta was impressive with the characteristic that using steel structure helped to organize the premise and free standing and plan the apartment flexibly.

The stage before 1930, the type of group housing construction was quite popular. But from 1930 up to now, architects pay more attention to the construction of individual houses or villas. The West house design has more impacts on countries throughout the world especially the East due to its modern look and organization. West architecture is impressing the world with its unique designs and genius architects to bring more attractive house design samples.



As long as perception on architecture changes, there comes new stylish design. For those who do researches on house design samples, these styles are useful, for sure. Each period has its own stylish charateristc and its all are impressive and noteworthy.

  1. Modern architecture 1930 – present

Modern-style house was designed uniquely, completely separate from the common form of the post-modern house. It was incorporated creatively based on traditional forms. There were 9 styles in modern architecture as follows.

  • The Art Moderne Style
  • The Bauhaus Style
  • The International Style
  • The Desert Modernism
  • The Eichler Home Style
  • The Alexander Home Style
  • The Modern Style
  • The A-Frame Style
  • The Post – modern Style

  1. Style “neo” 1965 – present

“Neo” means “new”. In the early history, the Founding Fathers introduced architectural style: neo – classiac to new democracies. Nearly 200 years later, it was the developing period of the American middle class; they were primarily consumers with the demand for housing. Many new houses in the prosperity of this stage were built with a combination of modern features and borrowed designing elements from the previous style. The stylish design of NEO style are:

  • Style Neoeclectic House
  • Style Neocolonial House
  • Style Neo-Mediterranean House
  • Neo-Victorian House Style
  • Mc Mansion Style
  1. Spain and Mediterranean architecture

Immigrants from around the world rushed to America, brought the traditional features and different styles there. Spanish settlements in the South- West of America and Florida came with a rich heritage, inherited from the traditional architecture and combined them with ideas borrowed from the Hopi and Pueblo Indian. Spanish modern house style tended to be associated with the design details from Portuguese, Italy, Africa, Greek and many other countries.

  1. French style house 1700s – present

Spanish, African, and native American intercoporated different heritage and tradition to create a unique blend style of French colonial houses. Two hundred years later, the return of soldiers from World War I brought a trendy house style in France. The main design styles during this period are listed here.

  • French Colonial House Style
  • Tidewater House Style
  • French Creole Cottage Style
  • French Normandy House Style
  • French Provincial House Style
  • French Eclectic House Style
  • Earth Houses Style
  1. Earth house

The architectural gestures could be the first ones to build giant mound in pre – historic time as Silbury Hill in England. Today, architects and construction engineers have a new perspection on the use of building materials used by pre – historic human for instance a practical use, low cost, environmental friendliness… The typical architectural design style are:

  • Adobe Houses
  • Rammed Earth Houses
  • Cob Houses
  • Compressed Earth Block Houses
  • Straw Bale Houses
  • Earth Sheltered Houses

  1. Prefab

Some of the assembled structure was first prefabricated with cast-iron in the middle of the 19th centure. The details will be casted in a foundry, transported to the construction worksite and then assembled together. Prefab is popularly applied from the early 1900’s when companies such as Sears, Aladdin and others provided building services assembled on orders remotely. Industrial housing has been still developed to this day. Some state assembly samples:

  • Sears Catalog Houses
  • Lustron Homes
  • Log Homes
  • Katrina Cottages
  • Manufactured Houses
  • Modular Houses
  • Dome Homes
  1. The domes

The idea of ​​building the dome-shaped structure was commonly found in pre – historic times but the 20th century brought a new interesting approach on the applying modern technology into implementing the ideas to design and build the dome. A reality shows that dome model is the best design to resist harsh weather such as storms and tornadoes in the 21st century when the climate has been changing unexpectedly. The typical dome styles are:

  • Geodesic Domes
  • Monolithic Domes

Every style shows different perception and meaning, so if you want to choose what type of design subject, you can consult in some of them to perfect your own creative ideas.